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Bellfire is an Estonian company, founded in 2005 as a furniture wholesaler and upholstery fabric importer.

Currently there are 115 employees in four manufacturing units.

2015 revenues reached € 6,4M.

Bellfire distributes its products in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, and Russia.

Our annual production capacity is around 25,000 sofas. The range is over 60 models and hundreds of different upholstery fabrics.

Our core values are constant development, innovation, consistency, reliability, flexibility, and consumer orientation.

We offer you fresh designs and modern interior decoration ideas.

maanantai, 19.09.2016

Ringtee 26, Tartu 51013 Estonia | Office: +372 641 2412
Fax: +372 641 2305 | Sales: +358 4004 30292, +372 512 6036

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